Monday, September 12, 2011

Rogues dictating terms to Karnataka govt.

It was interesting to note how the ex-minister Sriramulu and close confidante of Janardhan Reddy ( Janaradhan Reddy is cooling his heels in the Kanchanguda prison in Hyderabad for the past three days), has raised the issue of the district police officials not tipping him off early regarding the CBI raids on the Reddy brothers for their involvement in the $ 4 billion mining scam in Karnataka in India..

Being ex-minister and very powerful people, they are questioning the government why the district police officials did not stand by them and tip them off regarding the CBI raid, in their time of crisis and helped to evade the CBI raid. After having done so much good for the state and the mining industry in particular in Bellary, it is sad to note that this is the final reward they get from the state.

One of the conditions ex-minister Sriramulu has raised to take back his resignation letter is the transfer of these upright and straight police officers by an equally conniving State government. Else he has threatened along with 39 other MLAs to resign enmasse and topple the government.

It is surprising to note that they have not asked that the CBI officers also should be transferred .. The people of the state are wondering when the state government will understand the gravity of the situation and allow CBI to proceed against these rogues. For the state government, Reddy brothers have only been booked, not convicted yet. Lokayuktha Justice Hegde is a fool and his report on the $ 4 billion mining scam in the state of Karnataka, only befits to be thrown to the waste paper basket.

Advani will do a great service to the country by starting his yatra against corruption from Bangalore and terminating in Gandhinagar. 

How corrupt and selfish are these dumb politicians to ensure their survival ? The public have to teach these rogues a fitting lesson in the coming elections by not electing them. With each wrong step, they are discrediting themselves and taking them far away from the same people they represent.


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