Saturday, September 10, 2011

Public disregarding politicians, a welcome sign ..

New Delhi court was under a terror strike three days back. Eleven people lost their lives and scores were injured. As usual politicians made a beeline to visit the dead bodies and the injured in hospitals.

Usually when politicians and VIPs come they do with  large posse of security policemen and commandoes. And many more in mufti. The whole scene is mdisrupted causing great inconvenience to the close relatives of the injured being treated in the hospitals. The politicians visit these injured people, make lot of false promises and escape.

But this time with heightened awareness regarding the betrayal by politicians of the common man and the many corruption scandals, the public said enough is enough. Other than the Prime Minister, other politicians received a very cool and often unwelcome approval by the relatives in the Ram Manohar Lohia hospital in Delhi. Rahul Gandhi just an MP, who came in with his Z category security was snubbed by the people and had to return glaum faced.

The politicians do not realise than in another three years, they will once again be going to the same public, falling at their feet for votes. The public will then show them who the real master is ..


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