Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Karnataka Lokayuktha Justice Patil resigns ..

It is a common practice for every mortal soul in this world to gain wealth for themselves. Justice Shivraj Patil is no exception to this rule of nature.

Make hay when the sun shines is a popular saying. Justice Shivraj Patil did not do anything more. He amassed wealth when he could and then failed to disclose it to the authorities when asked to do so. This has led him to this piqaunt situation where he has been cornered and he has felt morally obliged to resign. Justice Patil has committed a major breach of law by getting plots allotted to him hiding the facts that he did own residences in the city of Bangalore.

Whatever justification he tries to make for himself, poor fellow has been exposed !! An error of judgement ?? If the issue had not been exposed he would still have continued to discharge his duties as the Lokayuktha. He would have continued to decide on corruption cases of others, when he himself is corrupt.

The incident has proved beyond doubt that nobody can escape truth, nobody is above law law will catch up with every offender one time or the other.  Justice Patil will be proceeded against legally too. It will be a pitiful sight to find the Lokayuktha being booked for corruption !!

This incident must have sent shivers down the spine of senior and junior govt officers and staff who have misused their official positions and lied on different occasions to the government to amass plots and real estate. Let them declare and return such illegal properties. There are millions of poor people who are not as "smart" as these corrupt people and still looking for a plot of land to call their own. The corrupt go on amassing property and plots left and right in Bangalore and others are left high and dry !!

It is a pity that even people with conscience are corrupt and valueless and are ready to go to any extent for their personal gains and benefits unmindful of their societal responsibilities .. They require a class or two in Ethics !!


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