Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The great Bangalore Real Estate Loot ..

The Justice Shivraj Patil ( just resigned Karnataka Lokayuktha) is just the tip of the iceberg. The real estate loot in Bangalore is worth INR 1.87 lakh crores..

the great loot click here..

The affluent and influential in the society are least bothered with what's happening around them. The farming lands are taken in the name of building housing societies for the common man at dirt cheap rates, depriving the farmers of any decent remuneration. All tax exemptions are exploited and then the officials of the housing society distribute some of the plots to the members and apportion the rest among themselves.

Politicians cutting across parties and ideologies, bureaucrats and police officers all take their cut from the allocations in terms of plots. The plots are later on sold at huge profits with the officials pocketing all the ill gained profits.

All co-operative housing societies in the country also needs to be investigated into and the guilty needs to be given exemplary punishment.

With such worthless people at the helm and an equally gullible public, I sometimes wonder whether as a country India can ever succeed. Its own people are pulling back the progress of the country.


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