Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lokayuktha in Karnataka and Gujarat .. People are fed up of politicians ..

The Lokayuktha in Karnataka is after the former Chief Ministers H D Kumaraswamy and Yeddyurappa. Their bail applications have been denied in mining scams and the moment Lokayuktha court arrests these two CMs, they will be behind bars in the comfort of the Parappana Agrahara jail.

Even the Lords have washed their hands off Yeddyurappa who is very fond of visiting all Gods and goddesses and begging favours from them.

If both the CMs are arrested and put behind bars, it will be a big relief for the people who have got fed up of corruption at highest levels in Government. It will also serve as a stark reminder to the other ministers that corruption at any level and of any value will not be tolerated by the people of Karnataka.

Fearing the damage Lokayuktha has done to their honest CM in Karnataka, BJP is getting ready to fight the appointment of Lokayuktha in Gujarat, where Narendra Modi, another corrupt politician is ruling as CM.

Politicians have lost their credibility as they have belied the trust reposed by the people on them. They have instead been seen increasing their personal wealth, spreading their influence and discretionary authority to garner more wealth by unfair means and to protect for their children and grand children this ill-gained wealth. 

People are fed up of politicians and the damage they are doing to society.


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