Friday, August 26, 2011

Corrupt vested interests silenced ..

For ten days Indian politicians from Congress party and its team of dumb ministers carrying with them lot of head weight, the main opposition party of Bharatiya Janata Party, CPM, BSP and others came up with all frivolous excuses to stall Anna Hazare's fast against corruption and reassert the supremacy of the Indian Parliament and the elected representatives of the people over the common man.

Some of those frivolous excuses were :

1. Team Anna does not represent the Indian public

2. All ideas have to be put up to the Parliamentary Consultative Committee for their approval and recommendations

3. Other versions of the Lokpal Bill , Anna Roy's version also has to be discussed along with Anna's JanLokpal bill

4. Parliament's prerogative in deciding what it should discuss and debate cannot be compromised and nobody can dictate to it

5. Law making is the in-violable right of the Indian Parliament ( which presently has 150 criminals making laws for the citizens ..)

6. Who gave the civil society the mandate to represent the people of the country ?

7. Parliamentarians are the elected representatives of the people of India, none others can raise any concern of the people to the masses

8. Team Anna represents only the TV watching Indian middle class.

9. Team Anna represents only the educated urban masses and not the rural people.

The mass meetings and gatherings in support of civil society led by Anna Hazare, held at different parts of the country and televised in real time 24x7, has belied all those allegations.

Corrupt vested interests who had other agenda to serve their private selfish interests or pseudo intellectual pursuits have now been silenced by the voice of the common citizen. In the name of the common citizen, these selfish vested interests have been taking the people of the country for a ride all these years. Now the popularity of the mass uprising of the people in different parts of the country underlines the fact that Anna's voice cannot be ignored anymore. Even the international media is focusing its attention on Anna and reporting him to be the voice of the weak and powerless Indian sidelined by years of corrupt governance.

Anna may not be as educated as Manmohan or as shrewd and opportunistic as Advani ( or as corrupt as Kalmadi, Raja or Yeddyurappa), or as sophisticated as Kapil Sibal, but he is the voice of a united India. A single man's will power got the popular version of the JanLokpal bill which will be discussed in the Indian Parliament today.

In April when Anna went on a fast, the government relented to discussions with Anna team in framing the Lokpal bill draft which led to Anna calling off the fast. Even though discussions happened between Team Anna and the got group led by 5 ministers, the final bill put to parliament was bulldozed by the govt and totally in a unilateral decision, the diluted govt version was presented to the Parliament. The Team Anna version was sidelined. The distrust created by this action has led to Anna insisting on calling off the fast only after the Parliament adopts the Janlokpal bill.

Even though Parliamentarians may term it as high handedness on Anna's part, it was the distrust with the Manmohan Singh govt which has prompted the civil society to take a hard stance this time. Medha Patkar is also a victim of the earlier high handed behaviour of govt in calling off her 21 day fast on Narmada Bachao Andolan believing the govt, when the govt has actually ditched her and her movement to help the tribals and dispossessed people of Narmada basin in Gujarat.

Not to politicise the issue, team Anna has been trying their level best, to rope in all political parties to lend their unconditional support to the bill and help to pass it in Parliament. Anna Hazare also wants to call off the fast only after seeing the intentions of the political class in Parliament. They are the most untrustable group of people, selfish to the core and working together as a hound of dogs in parliament only to further their interests.

Even though we have far sighted bills like the Right To Information, Right to Education, Right to Food etc accepted by the parliament, the most important one is this bill against corruption, without which all other bills cannot bear fruition. In the interest of good governance, we should see that the Lokpal bill is passed by the Parliament by including the lower bureaucracy, a citizen's charter and state lokayukthas in the ambit of the bill, the only thorny areas so far.

Let the politicians realise that even the common man is keeping a watch on their actions. The public are the MASTERS and the elected representatives are the SERVANTS OF THE MASTERS. Their position is only at the feet of the masters.

The only doubt in the minds of the people is " Will the political class fail Anna and his followers ??"


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