Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bangalore Land mafia finds comfort in jail ..

Ex-minister in the Yedyurappa cabinet and his closest colleague and chum-in-arms in the land grabbing deal, Katta Subramania Naidu and his son Jagdish find themselves landed in jail in a land deal where poor farmers were robbed of about hundreds of acres of fertile land in the name of setting up an IT estate.

Though powerful with muscle power of the locals of Hebbal and the party bigwigs in Karnataka, the order from the Lokayuktha court came as a stern warning to the politicians of Karnataka, corrupt officials and the real estate hungry population, that their days are numbered..

Next in line is the former CMs to adorn the cells of Parappana Agrahara jail, which is to come soon ..

A news doing rounds in Bangalore is that the new CM is thinking of making this jailed ex-minister the new Hon. Minister in charge of prisons.

Our politicians excel in whatever they do, very true ..!


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