Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Anna Hazare smelling victory .

A 74 year old frail man brings an obstinate and ill-advised political leadership to its knees.. This morning we can listen to some very heartening news for the nation !!
In Egypt the Jasmine revolution brought bloodshed, in Syria and Libya too. In India not a drop of blood has been shed yet .. Speaks of the maturity of our democracy and earnestness of the political leadership..

Issues onbig-time corruption, governance and social welfare are getting sorted out peacefully .. The PM, CBI, CVC, top bureaucracy and Judiciary will now be accountable to the public and come under the Jan Lokpal bill. Only the lower bureaucracy like in PWD, Taxes, Customs, Excise, Electricity, PDS, land regn., Industries, police, lower judiciary  and other corrupt depts need to be put in order (which affects the common man most).

Proud to be a part of this great and vibrant democracy ( vitiated by the greedy, cruel and low IQ white man for about 300 years..) Valuable lessons for the rest of the world ..
The country owes a lot to Arvind Kejriwal, 43 years, the master strategist behind Anna Hazare. Arvind, B Tech, (IIT Kgp), IRS retd., Magsaysay Award winner ..

The racially bigoted Nobel Prize Committee will never consider Anna for any honour ( his lifemodel Gandhiji was wilfully ignored for crushing the white man under his footwear )


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  1. Curious to note that the govt is dilly dallying on this issue after the all party meeting yesterday.

    Hope the issue gets sorted out soon to the satisfaction of everybody ..



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