Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Anna Hazare moving from strength to strength ..

Yesterday evening I was surprised to see a huge multitude of people who thronged to the Koramangala Park in 6 th block in Bangalore to express their support for the Gandhaian Anna Hazare.. They were also accompanied by a posse of policemen looking out for trouble mongers.

The Anna Hazare led Jan Lokpal Bill has gained momentum. This morning he has been arrested from his residence while on his way to JP Memorial park along with Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal.. He has asked his supporters to continue their peaceful protest against the diluted Lokpal Bil presented by the govt in the Parliament.

By running scared of the Jan Lokpal bill and its contents on dealing with corruption, the govt is itself giving in to the demands of Anna Hazare. Whatever minor concessions it makes each time is indirectly helping the people of this nation realise the need to reign in corruption among top bureaucrats, judges and the worst of it all, the politicians.

A stronger Jan LokPal bill is the need of the hour for India to reign in the miscreants.It will help the nation by ensuring that the politicians are accountable to the people of this country who are the MASTERS .. The battle lines are now drawn between the people and their elected representatives, who do not want to be accountable to the same people who elected them .. What an irony ..!!

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