Sunday, August 28, 2011

Anna finally breaks fast ..

On Sunday, 28 August at 10 AM witnessed by half the nation watching on TV, Anna Hazare gave up his fast by drinking lime juice from a dalit girl Ikra and a Muslim girl Simran.

Even though the govt agreed to bringing the lower bureaucracy under lokpal, preparing a citizen's charter, giving guidelines in each office on a time limit within which most of the jobs can be completed and setting up Lokayukthas ( ombudsmen) in the different states, he stressed on reforming the electoral system and two future points of his agitation, the right to recall erring representatives, right to reject any of the candidates during an election.

At 4 PM there will be celebrations at India Gate to mark this great victory of the people of India against an irresponsible parliament, parliamantarians and a corrupt bureaucracy.

Even though the government did not want to tale any action initially, (supported by some variant notes from some other social activists), it had to finally bow to the wishes of the people.

Anna has warned the govt that in case it retracts on any of its assurances, Anna would start the fight  again. The politicians, the parasites of the society, would never try this extreme.


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