Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lokayuktha in Karnataka and Gujarat .. People are fed up of politicians ..

The Lokayuktha in Karnataka is after the former Chief Ministers H D Kumaraswamy and Yeddyurappa. Their bail applications have been denied in mining scams and the moment Lokayuktha court arrests these two CMs, they will be behind bars in the comfort of the Parappana Agrahara jail.

Even the Lords have washed their hands off Yeddyurappa who is very fond of visiting all Gods and goddesses and begging favours from them.

If both the CMs are arrested and put behind bars, it will be a big relief for the people who have got fed up of corruption at highest levels in Government. It will also serve as a stark reminder to the other ministers that corruption at any level and of any value will not be tolerated by the people of Karnataka.

Fearing the damage Lokayuktha has done to their honest CM in Karnataka, BJP is getting ready to fight the appointment of Lokayuktha in Gujarat, where Narendra Modi, another corrupt politician is ruling as CM.

Politicians have lost their credibility as they have belied the trust reposed by the people on them. They have instead been seen increasing their personal wealth, spreading their influence and discretionary authority to garner more wealth by unfair means and to protect for their children and grand children this ill-gained wealth. 

People are fed up of politicians and the damage they are doing to society.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Who matters, Arundati Roy or Anna Hazare ?

For the sophisticated socialites like Arundhati, Anna is an illiterate, un-sophisticated common man. But for the millions across the country, he is their saviour.

And by winning he has shown that he means each word of his. His resolve not to give up the protest and in future to take up issues relating to electoral reforms have sent shivers down the politicians' spine.

Arundhati Roy has lot to learn from this simple man ..

When Anna was about to end his fast, he made it a point to tell the people that just by wearing " I am Anna" cap they will not become Anna. They have to be pure in heart and body and be ready to take humiliation of any kind !!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Anna finally breaks fast ..

On Sunday, 28 August at 10 AM witnessed by half the nation watching on TV, Anna Hazare gave up his fast by drinking lime juice from a dalit girl Ikra and a Muslim girl Simran.

Even though the govt agreed to bringing the lower bureaucracy under lokpal, preparing a citizen's charter, giving guidelines in each office on a time limit within which most of the jobs can be completed and setting up Lokayukthas ( ombudsmen) in the different states, he stressed on reforming the electoral system and two future points of his agitation, the right to recall erring representatives, right to reject any of the candidates during an election.

At 4 PM there will be celebrations at India Gate to mark this great victory of the people of India against an irresponsible parliament, parliamantarians and a corrupt bureaucracy.

Even though the government did not want to tale any action initially, (supported by some variant notes from some other social activists), it had to finally bow to the wishes of the people.

Anna has warned the govt that in case it retracts on any of its assurances, Anna would start the fight  again. The politicians, the parasites of the society, would never try this extreme.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Anna Hazare smelling victory .

A 74 year old frail man brings an obstinate and ill-advised political leadership to its knees.. This morning we can listen to some very heartening news for the nation !!
In Egypt the Jasmine revolution brought bloodshed, in Syria and Libya too. In India not a drop of blood has been shed yet .. Speaks of the maturity of our democracy and earnestness of the political leadership..

Issues onbig-time corruption, governance and social welfare are getting sorted out peacefully .. The PM, CBI, CVC, top bureaucracy and Judiciary will now be accountable to the public and come under the Jan Lokpal bill. Only the lower bureaucracy like in PWD, Taxes, Customs, Excise, Electricity, PDS, land regn., Industries, police, lower judiciary  and other corrupt depts need to be put in order (which affects the common man most).

Proud to be a part of this great and vibrant democracy ( vitiated by the greedy, cruel and low IQ white man for about 300 years..) Valuable lessons for the rest of the world ..
The country owes a lot to Arvind Kejriwal, 43 years, the master strategist behind Anna Hazare. Arvind, B Tech, (IIT Kgp), IRS retd., Magsaysay Award winner .. http://www.caravanmagazine.in/PrintThisStory.aspx?StoryId=1050

The racially bigoted Nobel Prize Committee will never consider Anna for any honour ( his lifemodel Gandhiji was wilfully ignored for crushing the white man under his footwear )


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Smart power grid.

The ATC - accumulated technical and commercial losses on the electricity generation and distribution systems in India is 35 %, ie. about Rs. 40,000 crores. Isin't this a big loss ? Can we avoid this ? How can Information Technology and Communications help us to manage our electrical grids smarter and more efficiently ?

What is a Smart Grid ?

NEMA ( National Electrical manufacturers Association , US) defines it as the addition of monitoring, analysis, control and communication capabilities to the national electrical delivery system to maximise the throughput of the system while minimising the energy consumption.

Schneider describes a smart grid as a system which has the end-to-end bi-directional flow of energy and communication capabilities from generation to consumption.

Characteristics of a Smart grid :

1. Optimisation of Asset utilisation and operational efficiency.
2. Accomodation of all generation and storage options
3. Provision of power quality appropriate to a digital economy
4. Anticipation of system disturbances with automatic responses
5. Resilience to physical and cyber attacks
6. Active consumer participation and
7. Enabling of new products and services

Smart Grid combines power generation and distribution with information gathering and feedback. ( courtesy Times of India)


Monday, August 22, 2011

Arvind Kejriwal on JanLokpal Bill, video ..


go thru part2, part3, part4.

politicians of all hues and shades in the country have lost their credibility with the common man .. Shame on them .. All parties have played with Anna's team ..


Andhra corrupt MLAs and MPs resign .. Good for the nation ..

It was interesting to note how some of the ruling party MLAs and MPs gave their resignation today to the Governor protesting CBI taking cases against the corrupt late YSR Reddy and his son Jagan Reddy. Jagan is not with the ruling party, still the ruling party MLAs and MPS are crying for him.

These corrupt MLAs and MPs should be asked to resign and get out of the Assembly. They are fighting to support a corrupt leader .. How dare they protest against CBI .. This is a challenge to the people of India..


Fierce fighting in Tripoli ..

Fierce fighting is reported in Tripoli around Gaddafi's compound..

With his two sons killed earlier, one son captured now and another surrendered to rebels, Gaddafi's days are numbered ..



BBC reports Anna Hazare ..

An ocean of supporters for Anna ...



Political Crusader against corruption ..

Crusader against corruption.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar starts his crusade against corruption by making the palatial house of suspended Bihar cadre IAS officer Shiv Shakar Verma as a school for the children of Bihar who do not have a building ..


Let the good things start rolling .. This is sure to raise the credibility of India's politicians among the masses, which has gone down the drain  ..


Friday, August 19, 2011

An important moment in history .. Anna emerging from Tihar ..

Politicians across the country are witnessing this drama unfold with awe, fear and trembling !!

What else do a useless bunch of self-seeking goons do ?


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Anna's release from Tihar Jail ..

Anna Hazare insisting on him being released from Tihar Jail without any preconditions as to where, when and how he conducts the indefinite fast has put the Police and the govt in a fix..

The PM in spite of giving a very weak defense of the govt stand on the issue and stressing that Parliament is supreme, with his cabinet and the Police have not  been successful in convincing Anna to come out of jail and break the fast.

The extremely clever posturing of Anna took every Indian by surprise, when he announced last night after the Police decided to release him from Tihar jail on account of the huge public protests, that he would go out of Tihar Jail on his terms and not the Police'.


What is so special about innovators ..??

The other day I was reading the latest issue of The Economist a write up on Innovation titled "Think Different" by Christensen.

Some of the habits which I found noteworthy and listed as five habits of DISRUPTIVE INNOVATORS found listed there were :

1. Associating : it related to the fact that innovators excel in connecting seemingly unconnected things. Naukri.com was an innovation which related job search and job enquiries through the medium of the Internet, eliminating middlemen and saving time and money.

2. Questioning : relates to asking why things aren't done differently. What would happen if a process is done in a different way, how it will affect the system and other products and processes and so on.

3, Observing : Innovators are good observers, they silently take in all the points and lessons, observe the environment, other production processes, how competitors carry out similar functions. They carry out the necessary processing in their minds which result in generation of new innovative ideas.

4. Networking : Innovators have good networking, they hang around places where ideas are generated, like trade shows, exhibitions, seminars, develop networking with effective people, which exposes them to ideas.

5. Experimenting : Innovators fiddle with products, ideas and business models. They discuss with their close confidantes, do road shows and the like to learn how the ideas are practical. Mark Zuckerburg developed Facebook as an experiment over Myspace correcting the normal drawbacks and mistakes. Facebook now is the most popular social networking site with the most subscribers for any Internet service, 750 million .



Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Google buys out Motorola Mobility Holdings

The $180 billion Google buys out $ 11 billion Motorola Mobility Holdings for $ 12.5 billion .. In the bargain it also gets access to almost 20,000 patents of Motorola.


The impact this has on Android emerging as the most preferred open source mobile computing platform is of significance, having already got a 43% share of the market.

Do not know how this will help Google to compete with Apple (market cap $339 billion) and Microsoft (market cap $ 214 billion) ..


Anna Hazare moving from strength to strength ..

Yesterday evening I was surprised to see a huge multitude of people who thronged to the Koramangala Park in 6 th block in Bangalore to express their support for the Gandhaian Anna Hazare.. They were also accompanied by a posse of policemen looking out for trouble mongers.

The Anna Hazare led Jan Lokpal Bill has gained momentum. This morning he has been arrested from his residence while on his way to JP Memorial park along with Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal.. He has asked his supporters to continue their peaceful protest against the diluted Lokpal Bil presented by the govt in the Parliament.

By running scared of the Jan Lokpal bill and its contents on dealing with corruption, the govt is itself giving in to the demands of Anna Hazare. Whatever minor concessions it makes each time is indirectly helping the people of this nation realise the need to reign in corruption among top bureaucrats, judges and the worst of it all, the politicians.

A stronger Jan LokPal bill is the need of the hour for India to reign in the miscreants.It will help the nation by ensuring that the politicians are accountable to the people of this country who are the MASTERS .. The battle lines are now drawn between the people and their elected representatives, who do not want to be accountable to the same people who elected them .. What an irony ..!!

Friday, August 12, 2011