Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oslo incident, a warning to all right wing fundamentalists ..

A very learned and balanced editorial from The Hindu ..

Right wing fundamentalism is a threat to mankind everywhere, be it RSS and Jehadist movements in India and Pakistan or Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Sikhs and SGPC and other like minded organisations ..

It is a warning for us, unless we rein in such undesirable elements in society who are opposed to multiculturalism, the future of mankind looks very bleak .. Recently the gibberish talk by a Minister of Karnataka asking that a particular religious text only be read in educational institutions is a rabid case in point. This lunatic fringe of society should be isolated, ostracised and prevented from spreading their hate agenda against other cultures and religions from spreading and poisoning young minds..

Quote : The tragedy in Norway reminds us that words can kill just as surely as bombs and assault rifles. That is good reason to act hard and resourcefully against hate speech in our national political life. : unquote



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