Friday, July 22, 2011

Karnataka Governor pads up to face the corrupt ministry ..

Maharashtra, UP, Bihar, Karnataka are all in the news these days for the wrong reasons ..

Karnataka Lokayuktha Justice Hegde's second report on mining scam in the state got leaked to the press two days ahead of release.

The first report which was very critical of CM of Karnataka Shri. Yeddyurappa was rejected by the political class. Who are judges and lokayukthas ( adding insult to injury, the puny public ?) to point accusing fingers at the most privileged class in Indian society presently, the politicians ? Don't we know they are the God sent class, without any values or ethics .. A useless bunch of fools out there to rape the nation !!

The second leaked report is even more critical of the politicians, the uneducated, uncivilized, uncultured mass.. They have raped the state of Rs 1800 crores ( app $ 400 million ONLY) in just 14 months .. smart lot !!

Will the elected class at least now be a bit more responsible and accountable to the people who have elected them and own up their mistakes ? at least this time or will they shrug off any responsibility, run away and wait for the long and cruel arm of law to catch them .. (which inevitably will, sooner or later ..). This is one of the strong points of Indian democracy, that the law will finally catch up with the guilty ..

Is it not a shame to be hounded by the law everytime ? And everytime rush to the nearest temple or tickle the religious sentiments of the faithful or use political clout and mudslinging to silence critics ? Is it not cowardice ?

Do we require spineless cowards like this or bold ones who are ready to work for the people and not for selfish ends ?

God, to that land of freedom,sensitivity and awareness let my country awake !!

The Governor of Karnataka H R Bharadwaj is already padded up to take action against the app 500 corrupt officials in Bellary, the corrupt-to-the-core ministers and colleagues of Yediyurappa (sons of ordinary policemen who have made billions by cheating, criminalising politics and raping their mother land ..) and the CM himself ..

Looking forward to lot of firecrackers in the coming days ..

Read this report from BBC ..


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