Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The armies of the world ..

China, US and India are the top 3 ...

another metric is the % of GDP spent on the armed forces.. view this link.

India spends a whopping 18.6 % of GDP on the armed forces .. about $ 241 billion every year .. What a waste ?

US spends 19% of $ 14 trillion on defense, ie $ 2.7 trillion every year ..



  1. Tat's not the point...check number of soldiers per 1000...India, China and Brazil are way back than the rest

  2. The main point here is number of soldiers per person...India, China, Brazil are way down at the bottom...

  3. For the no of soldiers per thousand population metric, India stands the last. I do not think that means India has to recruit more people to the army. Inia spends 18.6% of GDP on the armed forces, that is $ 223 billion, about 11 lakh crores every year .. Can we afford this wasteful (unproductive) spending ?

  4. That's the problem here...Even a miniscule percentage of what these three countries invest will relate to astronomical proportions in absolue terms. .11% of Indian population meanss some 1.5 million. 18% of India's budget is 225 billion as what is mentioned, while the actual expense specified in an ancient Indian treatise is 25%. Staying in such a precarious position,courtesy our past mistakes, for example, India and Pakistan spend some $20 billion per annum on Siachen, it's bound to happen. Another fine example is India holds more than half of the world's under nourished children. What's the percentage of Indian children?


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