Monday, June 20, 2011

Whether IT dept will investigate Baba funds ..

Some people are more equal than others. Late Saibaba from Puttapurthi, with a 40,000 crore business empire, in whose private room 98 kg gold, 12 crore cash and lot of silver was found, may never see the truth of the source of those funds and gold. The flight of unaccounted cash in crores from Baba's residence running into crores packed in gunny bags and being disowned by Baba's people only adds to the mystery. It is almost a month after Baba's demise. Do not know how many crores has taken flight from Puttaparthi ?

Whether IT dept will investigate the source of these funds, whether gift tax has been paid etc, has to be seen .. The former Chief Justice of India is presiding over these funds .. Even senior respectable people being gullible to such frauds is very surprising ..

If Baba Ramdev with Rs. 1100 crore business empire is being investigated by the IT dept., why not others ?

I forgot, some people are more equal than others .. Also in a democracy, you are not expected to throw dirt at people, especially dubious Godmen and their business empires .. If only I were born a Godman ..


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