Sunday, June 05, 2011

Politicians are servants of the people ..

The politicians are servants of the people .. Their position is only at the feet of the people .. It is only at their mercy that the politicians get a breathing space .. Let the politicians not forget this fact..

By arresting Baba Ramdev, the govt has exposed its fears against taking serious action against tax evaders and exposing the black money in foreign banks.. Baba may not be as educated as the rest of the country, we have denied him the right to good education, good health care, good infrastructure over the past sixty five years by siphoning off the government funds to our accounts in foreign countries..

The future is very clear, all corrupt people will now be running for cover .. Indians can have a sigh of relief, Baba ramdev has been faithful to his conviction ..

ge.. / Know how corrupt is your neta .. Do you want criminals to be the law Makers ?

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