Friday, June 24, 2011

Kei (K) supercomputer beats rivals hands down ..

Fujitsu machine at Riken Labs, Kobe, Japan .. working at 8.2 quadrillion operations per seconds, ie. 8.2 peta flops (floating point operations per second) is the fastest supercomputer in the world. Kei, meaning 10 petaflops will be achieved next year. IBM is planning a machine at Illinois Uty at 10 petaflops to beat this machine by next year.

It beats former no.1 China's Tianhe 1A at 2.6 petaflops and a Cray super computer at Oakridge National Labs, Jaguar, running at 1.6 petaflops..

The Indian competitor at position 58 is from the Computational Research Labs of Tata Sons at 0.132 petaflops.

Of the top 10, 5 are from US, 2 from China, 2 from Japan and one from France. The latest top 500 list is here ..

The pissing competition continues ..


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