Monday, June 06, 2011

A father pining for her daughter ..

Karunaidhi is feeling really sorry for the sad state her daughter is in these days. He is finding blame with everyone around.

When he started all his political power mongering and maneouvring, little did he realise that he will pay for all his ill deeds..

Let this be a valuable lesson for the politicians not to indulge in illegal, unlawful activities, not to throw weight around .. The past will one day or the other catch up with you.




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  2. At 87 years, Karunanidhi has to fly between home and tihar jail to see her daughter .. at least now seeing the law catch up with the family, Karunanidhi should stop his grandiose plans of leveraging his political support to get plum ministries at Delhi and make money for his family..

    Even the brightest lawyer Ram Jethmalani could not get Kani a bail. All this while the rich and corrupt thought that money could buy bail anytime and anywhere, it has not happened this time..

    The state will have the bear the burden of accommodating a criminal like kani in Tihar jail for 6 months more..

    Let the govt get back the 1,76.000 crores from whomever .. but get it back, it is my monay and our money !! not to be stolen by thieves and criminals ..


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