Monday, June 06, 2011

E-coli attack in Europe ..

After a lethal e-coli attack resulting in 16 deaths so far, originating from Germany and spreading to over 16 EU nations has created fear in the minds of people worldwide.

E-coli is a bacteria found in the lower part of the human intestines and infection is bound to spread from human excreta openly disposed.

The Indian govt is issuing health advisories to Indian nationals traveling to Europe and USA to beware of the deteriorating health conditions. Indian nationals traveling to these countries will be doing so at their own risk and have been advised to take necessary health precautions and vaccinations to prevent its infection and spread. Strict health checkups will be done on Indian nationals coming from these countries.
Delaying travel to these countries for the next three months is advised till human excreta disposal issues are cleared and issues regarding vegetables being grown on such open lands are tackled seriously by the government of the respective countries.

The WHO is also seriously thinking of naming this lethal variant of E-coli as the German e-coli bacterium (GEB) to celebrate its discovery in the excreta laden farms of Germany.



  1. What is special about something like this? We in India have large sections of the population that defecate out in the open (just go to our metropolises or in the fields right amongst crops out in the villages) and are at equal or greater risk of catching this at home, wouldn't you think?

  2. What is special about this piece of news? In our country, we have large sections of the population that defecate out in the open (just take a look at our metropolises or even in the villages where people just rush out into the fields, amongst crops and do it) and wouldn't you think that, given the lack of oversight or controls over such matters, the risk of contracting disease from a similar situation is equally large if not greater in India?

    I'm not saying that what happened in Germany (and happens in the US on a regular basis) is acceptable. But unfortunately, that is one of the downsides of capitalism combined with the dismantling of regulatory bodies that oversee the practices and processes of the private sector - a side effect of following Milton Friedman's "markets regulate themselves" philosophy!


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