Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cheap mobiles in Indian market...

The change in scenario is amazing when in 2001, mobiile phones with just a fraction of features were available in the market for anything between Rs 5000 to 10,000 to start with, to the present day when features have multiplied and costs have come crashing ..

Motorola  WX 180                       899.00

Samsung Guru                           940.00

Nokia 1280                                 961.00

Alcatel OT230D                          1029.00

Spice C 3300                             1144.00

Lava Arc 01                               1191.00

Micromax C112                          1200.00

LG GS 108                                1227.00

Karbon K343                              1299.00

Sony Ericsson J132i                   1939.00

Dell - nothing less than Rs 5000.00  ( rates quoted from the cheapest source in India,

The cheapest Motorola WX 180 comes with FM radio, 1 MB memory and 8 hrs battery life.

Motorola Defy at 15,499.00 with a 1 GHz processor smartphone with Android Froyo 2.2 would be a good choice anyday ..

With 800 + million mobile phone connections and another 40 million land lines, India is thrice US, 10 times UK or France or Germany or  7 times Japan and closely behind China .. With mobile telecom rates runing at 30 paisa per minute across operators for national calls, (with some offering  02 paisa per minute on network calls), it is clear where the future is ..


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