Friday, June 24, 2011

Cartoon on the Lokpal bill drafts ..

A cartoon from The Hindu on the divergent views of the govt and civil society on drafting the lokpal bill.

With the government running scared of exposing the PM, Parliamentarians, judiciary and whole of bureaucracy to rule of law, the debate between the government panel members and the civil society members is continuing, with the rift widening each day ..

Meanwhile, the Left parties have started questioning the validity of the civil society members .. Let us understand that it is when the existing representatives of the people, the parlaimentarians have become ineffective and corrupt that the people took to themselves the task of organising and sensitising people to elect clean representatives. Is it wrong for the public to act proactively or wait for the corrupt representatives to make a mess of the whole situation and take the country down the drain ?

It would be prudent of the govt to understand the public mood and not trash the civil society altogether. The elected representatives are elected by the people and can be thrown out by the same people !!

The country needs a change, we waited for sixty years, the political establishment of all colours and hues could not deliver .. It is high time all parties realised this and in the July 3 meeting of the civil society with all political parties, this matter be discussed and an urgent fool-proof mechanism be set in place, lokpal or any other legislation, to put an end to the menace of corruption, black money and   nepotism in this country.

Else, if not ourselves, who are the final losers ?


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