Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Biggest transportation infrastructure in History unveiling in China ..

The biggest transportation Infrastructure development in human history is unfolding in China .. 6 super city clusters around the East, mid and western parts of China connecting 700 million people with 400 crore passengers annually..

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quote :

The high-speed rail network will tap this geographic-economic imbalance in an unprecedented and aggressive fashion by improving market access, encouraging population mobility, and enhancing logistics efficiency.

Morgan Stanley said in the study that it expects to see lifestyle changes among the population, which in turn will stimulate innovation and creativity and lead to the creation of new businesses in the long-term.


A still newer and mightier China in the offing ??

This one project will not only change the economic and social landscape of China and Eastern , south east Asia, it will give a real boost to development of the region as a whole. This is yet another example of Chinese prowess and excellence in Project management planning and execution  .. Plan big and execute fast and on-time ..

The only challenger to China can only be the other major global player, with lot of untapped potential,  which is India ..


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