Saturday, June 04, 2011

Baba Ramdev on fast ..

The media and press are hounding Baba Ramdev over the source of funds for the preparations at Ramlila grounds in Delhi. It is painful for the public to see how vested interests are trying to deviate attention from major issues to silly ones.  Keeping such minor issues aside, the intention of Baba Ramdev in carrying out the fast is clear, to bring back the black money stashed over 60 years by our english speaking, cultured, civilised urban dwellers .. $ 1.4 trillion or $ 1450 billion, the amount is huge..

The people trying to distract the public attention from the main reason to silly issues like who is funding Baba Ramdev etc is playing into the hands of the people who want to scuttle this agitation and preserve their black money in safe havens abroad. I am sure netizens will try to understand the folly of their opposition to the fast and instead support the cause to bring black money back  to India. The corrupt peole should be given life imprisonment or death depending on the severity of the crime. They need to be ostracised from the society.

Mumbai film stars , the greatest tax evaders in the country have been quick to call Baba Ramdev's fast a sham. It is in their interest to stop Baba Ramdev.

Congress stands to lose much in this. Congressmen over 60 years have milked the country dry. They are trying their level best to deflect public attention from the fast and highlight the presence of unimportant well wishers in the fast as major issues to be sorted out. They are trying hard, falling head over heel, to convert a social issue to a political one and create confusion in public mind. Whoever fasts of creates a noise, our valuable money stolen by our politicians needs to be brought back to the country..  That's all.

Baba Ramdev is doing his mite to the GREAT CAUSE.. Let us all support him.. Whoever sets upon this noble cause, all the countrymen will support them to the core..


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  1. Now that govt has muzzled this peaceful protest by the people of the country against corruption, it is all more important for the govt to take dead serious steps to tackle corruption and bring back the 70 lakh crores stolen out of the country by patriotic, respectable, civilised countrymen ..

    Do not know how long the govt will survive as this is an attack on the people of India by the corrupt rulers.

    The politicians seem to forget the fact that they are the servants of the people ..


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