Thursday, June 09, 2011

Anil Ambani drops by at Tihar ..

Yesterday Anil Ambani, the younger son of late Dhirubai Ambani, and promoter of the ADAG group went to Tihar jail to cheer up his senior executives who have been holed up inside the jail for the past 55 days. Anil never cared to find out about his executives till CBI named the ADAG as the main responsible party for the mess in the 2G scam.

The visit to Tihar jail also gave him first hand account of the facilities inside Tihar jail. Since his inner self was constantly telling him that he would be the next "respectful" inmate of the jail, Anil found the visit very useful. The reco mission he conducted at the jail of the other inmates, the facilities available inside the jail room and premises also gave him the required  confidence to take the CBI head on in any investigation it wants him to co-operate with. The visit was also a silent reassurance to the senior ADAG executives lodged inside the jail that everything  would be taken care of if they did not disclose Anil's complicity in the formation of Swan telecom and subsequent money transactions.

The feeling of being let down and ditched by the top management of ADAG is very much disturbing these executives whether to spill the beans completely or not. The rags to riches story of India's top industrial family, one of hard work, short cuts, corruption etc. is turning sour with each passing day. The short cuts and corrupt means Ambani group used to get to fame and riches in a matter of five decades is hitting them back with full vengeance. CBI having additionally given the clean chit to the Tatas has put Anil, ADAG group and its senior executives in total disarray.

It is indeed a good day for India to see the exceedingly greedy and corrupt politicians and industrialists crowd up inside Tihar "high profile " jail. We pray more deserving people walk through its respectful portals and corridors in the coming days and months. This will see that the normal roads and pavements are less populated by these thugs and thieves out to suck and kill the common Indian.


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