Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yedyurappa gives ultimatum to Governor Bharadwaj in Karnataka ..?

How can a small fry like Yeddy do it to a constitutional legal expert like HE Dr H R Bharadwaj.. ?

Maybe after listening to his party supporters Yeddy must have regained his confidence and is trying to wrestle his muscles with the Governor.

The Governor has interpreted the SC order setting aside the Karnataka assembly speaker Boppaiah's order not allowing 16 rebel MLAs from taking part in the no-confidence motion against the corrupt Yeddy govt. As a Governor he can interpret only the status as on October 2010 , where as per this SC order, Yeddy govt is in minority. Due to foul play by expelling dissident MLAs, Yeddy got majority in Oct 2010, when actually he should have lost the no-confidence motion and should have resigned. The Governor is fully correct in interpreting the SC verdict with respect to the law of the land.

Better for Yeddy to behave himself as he is the servant of the people than take sides against the Governor .. Servants do not rebel against their masters ..

Is it not grouse against the CM and his coterie in misusing their official position to secure more land and gains for themselves and denying the same to other MLAs of the ruling coalition, that led to the rebel behaviour of some BJP MLAs ? Who is responsible for precipitating the whole issue at the first instance ?


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