Friday, May 06, 2011

Will the law side with the common man ?

Today is the day when the loot masters from the 2G scam, DMK is praying to the court not to frame charges against its MP Kanimozhi, daughter of DMK Leader Karunanidhi,  in the 2G scam related to allotment of spectrum to ineligible companies by the then Communications minister A Raja.

It is real sad to note that corruption has become a part of Indian polity and way of life. If  one does not engage in corruption, he is considered a fool. I had a colleague of mine, who came from a poor background, after marriage to a rich girl, he started looking after his f-i-l's businesses. Suddenly he started getting cynical of the way the world is running, started preaching that only if you are corrupt can one come up in life etc bullshit ... While I can only pity with that guy and his perception of what life is all about, the episodes in TN relating to the "first family" and the most corrupt family makes interesting news to read. Having engaged in corruption of the highest order, praying to the court that , I am a woman, I am not a majority shareholder, I do not take any decisions in Kalaignar TV  etc.. is all absurd..

To top it all, the grand old Ram Jethmalani is fighting for Kanimozhi in court. Ram Jethmalani is doing it for money, no doubt, but will he have a clear conscience and a peaceful mind before he goes to sleep, having fought for corrupt people. Can't the govt charge him also equally culpable to the crime having sided with her and advancing specious and incorrect arguments for her release ?

The legal and political systems, should they be allowed to take the people for a ride ? The three pillars of our democracy, the legislature, judiciary and executive, exist together only to safeguard the country for the common man, not to protect the corrupt and rich, out to rape the nation ..

For the nation it is the common man who is important, not Karunanidhi, A Raja, Manmohan singh, Kanimozhi or Sonia Gandhi .. With the ghosts of Godhra returning to haunt communal Modi in Gujarat and his political influence on the decline, the common man will ask him also for answers .. Corruption, be it material or ideological,, is corruption and needs to be dealt with firmly.  Let the Congress govt accept the blame for its blunders in CWG and 2G and resign, let new elections come and let the people elect their representatives who will take the country forward .. Dr  Manmohan Singh is also equally culpable as A Raja in allowing him to have his way in the 2G allotment ..

With Baba Ramdev also joining the chorus to fight against corruption, these politicians of all hues, colours and ideologies will find their power diminished will find the going tough in the coming days.. With an active SC monitoring the 2G scam and SC appointed SIT, going after Modi, there is some hope for the common man that the SC will be his last resort in this great land ..

The Economist magazine reported that in 2010, India grew faster than China, 10.3 % for China as against 10.36 % for India. If we bring the parallel black economy ( which is of the same magnitude as the white economy) also into the limelight, our growth will be double that of China. Moreover if we get the $ 1.4 trillion stashed away in Swiss banks back to the country, India will be a true heaven on earth..


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