Saturday, May 07, 2011

Should India worry too much about Pakistan ?

Just compare these figures .. ( facts taken from the CIA Fact book )

India has a GDP of $ 1.4 trillion, GDP growing at 8.3% (official) , but 10.36% (as per IMF) and per capita GDP of $3400.00.

Comparing with Pakistan, these are the values. GDP $ 174.8 billion, GDP growth rate 2.7 %, GDP per capita $ 2400.00

An economy which is app 8 times the size of Pakistan and growing at almost 5 times that of Pakistan, should India really worry too much about Pakistan, other than for it's nuisance value ? If Pakistan indulges in terrorism and backstabbing , it is to its own detriment and damage, so that the international community will brand it as a terrorist state and a totally failed one development wise ..

India and Pakistan shared some common destiny sixty years back, we took the path of democracy while Pakistan oscillated between military rule and civilian rule, both of whom encouraged religious fundamentalists .. but with the continued support and patronage for terror groups on Pakistan territory who launch occasional terror activities on neighbouring soil, the destinies have separated since long ..


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