Monday, May 02, 2011

Pakistan lives to its promise .. another one bites the dust..

Pakistan has once again demonstrated its comittment to eradicating terrorism from the face of planet earth by helping smoke out yet another dreaded terrorist from its own land.

All the while  Pakistan leaders and its dreaded secret service organisation ISI has been maintaining that Osama Bin Laden is not in Pakistan. If this revelation by US is accurate Pakistan has once again demonstrated its commitment with US to get rid the world of terror.

Pakistan's pre-eminence as the epi-centre of world terror stands unchallenged in the modern world. The US Secretary of State has been very quick to reassert its committment with Pakistan to fight terror jointly.

God only knows when they will realise with whom they have been sleeping with all these years. By being the first state in the world to quickly align with the failed, rogue state of Pakistan , US is showing the world that a similar fate will befall itself very soon ..

some habits die hard !!


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