Friday, May 20, 2011

Jail for kanimozhi, is Dayalu ammal far behind??

DMK Chief Karunanidhi's daughter from his third wife, Kanimozhi's bail plea was rejected by a CBI court today. Kanimozhi is to be arrested soon for conspiring with others and for taking a bribe of Rs 200 crores in the 2G scam where A Raja was trying to please his political boss through this bribe ... Being the daughter of a high profile politician she thought nobody could touch her !! How dumb can people get ..? The people have taught the family a tough lesson and CBI is following it up ..

She will be spending the next couple of months in the high profile Tihar jail in New Delhi housing all VIPs and VVIPs. It seems her bodyguards and she herself burst into tears on hearing the court verdict.

Why does a criminal like Kanimozhi require bodyguards to come to the court ? Are we pampering our useless politicians, the criminals too much by giving them perks which they are not at all eligible to ? Will a few teardrops slight a major crime like accepting a HUGE bribe and fooling the people of the land ?

If one has carried out some actions, one should be ready to suffer the consequences of the action .. In this matter it is jail, incarceration and shame ..

When will Dayalu Ammal, the 60% shareholder in Kalaignar TV get a chance to see the inside of the high profile Tihar jail ??

The political class as a group are feeling sorry for her as all of them are in the same boat and are anxious that the same fate should not befall them at a later time.

Let all politicians of this country take this as a warning, the people of this country will not spare each one of you stinking, dirty, parasite out to rape the country .. We won't rest till each one of you is hanged and shot repeatedly in the head and balls !! Don't think that people are fools, we are going to take the shit out of you !!

Rs. 200 crores is just a grain of sand in Rs. 1,76,000 crores.. Where is the rest of my money ?

Karunanidhi threatening to withdraw support to the ruling Congress coalition at the centre is indeed a great threat.. But does the people care ..? out with all the cheats and parasites out to rape the country ..


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  1. It is satisfying to note that even though slow, the law in India does finally catch up even with the high profile politicians when the right time comes..

    When with the ED bring back the black money stashed by these politicians and bureaucrats in swiss banks ? that is our only grouse now.. Pl bring back our money fast back to India ..


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