Monday, May 02, 2011

Indian Democracy shows its mettle yet again ..

The Parliamentary Accounts Committee (PAC) of the Indian Parliament set to probe into the 2G scam to look into the flawed award of 2G spectrum licenses, under the leadership of Dr Murli Manohar Joshi failed to get its report accepted by the committee.

Dr Joshi who violated all forms of Parliamentary procedures and rule book, tried to take the law into his hands and ram the unilaterally drafted report down the throat of parliamentarians which was not accepted by them. He even went further to call off the meeting, walking off and tried to submit his partial report to the Speaker.

The richness of Parliamentary democracy is witnessed in that even after showing his fascist style of functioning, the Indian Parliament speaker went by the rule book to accommodate Dr Joshi again as the head of the PAC for one more year.

The Indian democracy is ever forgiving and accommodative, but it can be strict and non-forgiving on the 2G scamsters ....
Coruption will beeradicated from the Indian public life for ever under the leadership of Anna Hazare..


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