Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Finally US learns a hard lesson ..

Finally the dumb US administration has learnt, though the hard way, after 10 years and spending ( Chinese and Japanese funds loaned to US) $ 1.3 trillion, that their sleeping partner for the past 40 years, has actually been stabbing in its back !!! They have closed US consulates in two cities which will be followed by cutting off aid funds to Pakistan. The irony is that the US billions which flowed to Pakistan to fight terrorists and help find Osama Bin Laden was used to feed and protect him. These dumb leaders should try to introspect and realise that it cannot fool its people any longer by feeding  them stories of partners in terrorism claims ..

The whole world knows for sure that Osama is safe in American custody and will be tried to unravel the terrorist havens in Pakistan and it's assistance and inks to terror groups in Pakistan and around the world .. Slowly we will see in the coming days all the remaining Islamic terror leaders being gunned down one by one, with inputs from the hale and hearty Osama.

After realising their goals US will dispose of their source of this classified information the way they like. Cries from around the world have come to brand Pakistan as a terrorist state .. It is already a terrorist haven, the only question remains when the final branding and baptism will happen ..

For the failed rogue state of Pakistan, it's last days are numbered !! But what about its partner in crime all these forty years ?? Caught between the devil and the deep sea, lot of questions will be answered in the coming days .. Containing the backlash in its collaborator and partner rogue countries against the killing will be the immediate threat US will face ..


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