Thursday, May 05, 2011

Failure of global intelligence says Pak PM, Gilani .

Pak PM Gilani who is on a tour of France, yesterday made this very surprising statement that Osama Bin Laden's capture and kiling in Pakistan was a failure of global intelligence agencies..

Osama is hiding in Pakistan with the connivance of the authorities there. How can Gilani make such an absurd claim ? Can we Indians go to Pakistan and find where these terrorists are being hidden by ISI and Pak military ? Americans are giving aid to Pakistan and they do not mind their sovereignty being compromised occasionally for mutual benefit.

The Osama killing incident has made some issues clear to the world regarding Pakistan. There are three centres of power in Pakistan, the first is the political establishment, the second, the military and third, the intelligence network, ISI. Everyone is calling the shots and working at cross purposes, with the result that the Pakistan public is becoming a fool in the eyes of the world public.

The world leaders will have to look at how these three power centres can be made to work coherently for the welfare of Pakistan and to eradicate terrorism and poverty from that country.

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