Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baba Ramdev's fast ..

It is really good that Baba Ramdev has not given up his demand for concrete and firm action against black money and swiss bank money. Even though the government has tried to placate him with some committees and promising action, the experience with Anna Hazare where now the government is backtracking on some of the promises it had given to the civilian committee helping draft the Lokpal bill, Baba Ramdev and his 1 crore sympathisers will shake the conscience not only of India but of the world with this fast. The whole world will take not of this mass movement to bring sanity and values back to Indian society ..

If it helps to get the desired end results of a corrupt free society and getting back all the stolen money stashed in swiss banks, it will be one of the most happiest moments for India and its people.

The people of the country are very happy that the true leaders like Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev and elected leaders of the people are working together to get rid the country of corruption and black money. The only fear is that corrupt forces in the government and communal organisations should not hijack the movement and render it toothless..

Imagine not having to care for schooling for all children in the country, imagine all infrastructure is taken care of ..

To that land of freedom, development and awakening, Father, let my country awake ..


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