Thursday, May 05, 2011

Baba Ramdev to go on fast ..

I t was very heartening to see Baba Ramdev too on the common fight of the people against corruption in high places. Baba Ramdev is more focussed this time and he is fighting against the black money in the system and to bring back the $ 1.4 trillion which is stashed away by politicians, Industrialists and bureaucrats in Swiss banks..

On one front we have the Anna  Hazare and team fighting corruption in judiciary, polity, real estate, giving more teeth to the Lokpal bill and the like while on the second front we have Baba Ramdev fighting financial corruption of black money and swiss accounts.

Both are good for the Indian democracy and the people should be welcoming both as we have two very dynamic people with lot of following joining in this fight to rid the country of all evil doers, corrupt politicians and industrialists.

Let us just remember this fact, corruption eats away 2% of our GDP growth every year ..  If not for corruption, we should be sailing with China on GDP growth terms.

There will be lot of hue and cry from different corners on the futility of two crusades against corruption. Let it be, what is the problem if both these crusades are for the same cause ? It will only make the system much cleaner and neater ..


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