Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why are politicians scared of Hazare ? Servants and their masters !!

Hazare proposed that the proceedings of the lokpal committee meetings should be telecast live. The govt started running helter skelter. The govt is not interested in transparency in the political system in the country and in how decisions are made. It is not interested in transparency in the expenses of the govt. We know the results of this lack of transparency, the 2G and CWG scams ..

The people have elected the politicians to serve them. The people have sent them to rule the country well and spend public money responsibly, effectively and efficiently. Are our politicians justifying the hopes and aspirations of the people ? Don't our people have the right to expect the best from their elected servants ? Can political and public servants expect more from their masters ? Can political and public servants dictate terms to their masters ? Can servants gang up to cheat their masters ?

The public disdain generated by the movement led by Anna Hazare and supported by millions across the country against corruption and politicians who indulge in it, has created a sense of nervousness among politicians and other corrupt people in the country. They are creating disinformation by misinterpreting Anna's comments on issues of development.

As the common man sees this movement and the public outcry is a ray of new hope. Across the world and across cultures, change is happening and in India the change is against corruption.


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