Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stunning silence from politicians, is it a belated understanding of their guilt ?

Politicians in India of all hues, colours, shades, shapes and sizes are a harried lot now, scrambling for cover from public eye.. They are stunningly silent these days. The CBI and the court is having a tough time arresting some of them, getting their bank details, the lists of corruption they have done over the past years and their wealth details.

Fools like the DMK are scheming to overthrow the government at the centre. It is only good news as the public will once again get the opportunity to teach these traitors of the country at Delhi a lesson and elect sincere and hardworking people as their representatives in Parliament and legislative bodies. What good is the present PM if under his nose the loot of CWG and 2G has happened ? when are we going to get back the $ 1.4 trillion of Indian money stashed away by Indians in Swiss Banks ? Almost 50% of money transactions in India happen thru the parallel economy, the black one. If white money generates a GDP of $ 1.1 trillion, imagine what will be our GDP if the black sector, of which our dear politicians are the greatest proponents, is also channelised in the right direction ?

The PM needs to be a bit more tough, he is too soft . He may be sincere, but not able and effective ..

The politicians and others who have already illegally amassed wealth, land, exercised nepotism by misusing their positions as servants of the people, will have to answer to the people and the investigative agencies of the government. The investigative agencies will unravel the corruption in different offices and depts of govt and take the guilty politicians, bureaucrats and industrialists to task. The process has already started and the public is waiting to see many more to silently march to Tihar Jail, the uptown jail in New delhi - a very respectable address with so many high profile VVIPs making it their transitory camp.

Long live democracy and the infinite power of people to elect their servants, not their masters !! The biggest and greatest democracy in the world will also show the world that it is the most vibrant one..

The Indian Jasmine revolution unleashed by the Internet and social networking will bring about a radical change in the way our democratic institutions function and will help fix responsibility on our politicians and bureaucrats, weed out the errant ones. In addition our elected representatives who are being shown their rightful place in society, at the feet of the public, will be made to behave properly ..


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