Thursday, April 07, 2011

Should PM and judges be out of purview of Lokpal bill ?

The NDA II government under Dr Manmohan Singh has been rocked by scams and corruption ever since it took over. Being an honest PM, does not exonerate him of responsibility to rein his errant ministers, who are deep in corruption.

The LOKpal bill if passed should have teeth to take action against any errant public servant. Dr Manmohan Singh may be a gentleman, but what about the next PM, in case he is a rogue, should he be allowed to take the nation for a ride..?

Public servants are the servants of the people, should they treat themselves as masters and exonerate themselves from punishments for wrong corrupt acts ? The tax paying public is the master and the government employees living on this tax money of the common man are the servants.. Let this relationship be made very clear to all government employees and the public. They should not be bullied around by the government employees.

Justice Dinakaran of karnataka High Court and Justice Sen from Kolkata high court are examples of instances where judges have misused their position and immunity for personal gains and indulging in corruption. The political class and judiciary should not be afraid of having themselves included in the ambit of Jana Lokpal bill.

Like dictatorships and monarchies are feeling the heat world over, let corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and judges feel the heat here too. Our generation has failed the youth of the country who are looking for corrupt free society. Let us not stand in the way.

Anna Hazare the modern day Gandhi will succeed in his endeavours, the government has no other go than bow in to his demand to include representatives from the public in the 3 member committee, let the lokpal have the authority to prosecute any government functionary in all issues except governance and administration.

India's first freedom struggle brought us self-governance, let this struggle give us good governance.. Anna Hazare ji, we are behind you, the whole nation and its rightfully thinking people are behind you in this fight against corruption and nepotism.

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