Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sharad Pawar and his links with Shahid Balwa ..

Nira Radia, the ill famed corporate lobbyist, expressed her doubts that Sharad Pawar, that snake in the grass, who wants to be very respectable and has got all dirty tricks in his pants, has a stake in DB Realty owned by Shahid Balwa, now cooling his heels in the prison ..

Pawar has not threatened to sue her .. instead has tried to distance himself from the news..

Does'nt that tell something ? Won't the skeletons tumble out of the cupboards soon ? Waiting for the day when Pawar will also cool his heels in the prison and be counting the bars in his cell. With a very strong and rejuvenated Lokpal bill committee and with Pawar running for shelter, the end of this fake is not far ..


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