Saturday, April 16, 2011

The plight of people's representatives at JanLokpal bill draft ..

The plight of the people's representatives at the meeting of the drafting committee of the Janlokpal bill was miserable. The public elects one set of representatives who are there by authority to rule.. They have access to all the revenues of the government and decide on how that is to be spent. The public have to get another set of representatives to see that the first group do not overstep their limits, do not eat away all the money and set aside some for development.

Both the groups are elected by the people themselves, These two groups then discuss how things should be managed so that the interests of neither is compromised, ie. the first set of representatives to spend the money and the second group that it is spent gainfully for the public.

Don't you see there is something fishy in this whole exercise ?? Let us have just one set of representatives, those who truly represent our interests in the government and through the government the people. We need to recall the representatives if they are non-performing.

The JanLokpal bill should as a first point exercise the right to the public to recall the representatives !! Only that can bring accountability in the whole exercise.

As this movement spearheaded by Anna Hazare is claiming to stress time and again, the public are the MASTERS, the politicians whom we elect to represent us at the various legislative bodies are just our SERVANTS. Faithful servants will be liked by the masters, unfaithful servants will be thrown out !

The public is not interested in any vested interests diluting or reversing this role of the masters and servants. That is the strength of the Indian democracy and it will stay ..


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