Friday, April 08, 2011

People's voice has been heard finally ..

And finally people have won . A great day for India and Indian democracy .. Govt has agreed to constitute a panel of 5 civic community representatives and 5 from the govt to draft the Jan Lokpal bill. The bill will be presented for passing in the monsoon session of the parliament.. Anna Hazare will stop his fast tomorrow at 10 am after reading the govt notification..

Now the Kalmadis, Rajas, Army chiefs, Karunanidhis, Yediyurappas will start pissing in their pants .. Scoundrels in the society will think twice before embarking on any corrupt action..The armed forces bosses who brought disgrace not only to themselves, the armed forces and the country at large will bow their heads in shame..

This is a victory for the middle class and youth of the country. They have shown the world that they are a force to reckon with ..


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