Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Karunanidhi is furious ... but why ??

Yes, this piece of information made interesting reading this morning in the newspapers. What will happen if Karunanidhi and his party is upset and furious that Kanimozhi has been chargesheeted ? Some people have such bloated egos that they think nobody can do anything to them or their families ..

Does being Karunanidhi's daughter give her any immunity from prosecution for illegally diverting Rs 200 crores to Kalaignar TV as kickbacks received from the 2G scam ? Influential people can indulge in corruption freely ? Is Karunanidhi such a great patriot of the country that he is above suspicion and questioning by the public ? Other than being a script writer and politician, what is his credentials to being the CM ? Or does Karunanidhi think that being a veteran, regional politician and the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, having amassed enough ill-gotten wealth and children been made his political heirs, he is above law and does not care for the common Indian citizen.

Karunanidhiji, you are badly mistaken .. You are only our servant, not more not less, even the common citizen in TN has all the right to question you and your family members for all good and bad actions for which you are responsible, the same people who you have treating shabbily all these years ..

Gone are the days when you and your senseless cronies could bulldoze their way through .. You and your sons may have raped the state and amassed enough wealth for twenty generations. The public do not care, we only want to tell you that you will be held responsible for all your actions, good or bad. Be prepared to face the consequences !!

The political power which you wield is come out of the goodwill shown by the public to you. Please do not misunderstand it in any other way .. However old and senior you may be, you still continue to be our servant and we expect you to be at our command .. Unless you behave as a servant to the public, you will be kicked and thrown into the dustbin of history.

Watch out sir, next it is your second wife who will face the law and then if the law finds that you are also involved surruptitiously in the 2G scam, you will also be a proud visitor to the countr'ys top jail, Tihar at Delhi .. ( btw, hope you have got special pardon by the President of the country to practice bigamy .)

The public posture of the party to challenge the chargesheet politically in court is just a stunt , having been caught with pants down, to save face with the sensible public..

With all regards,

A citizen of the country ..

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