Monday, April 25, 2011

kalmadi arrested by CBI, Kanimozhi charged..

Finally it is indeed a good news to hear that the kingpin behind the CWG Games Baton scam Kalmadi is arrested.

The other good news was that Kanimozhi, daughter of DMK chief Karunanidhi and DMK MP  has been charged by CBI for complicity in 2G scam.

The Tihar central jail is getting more and more glamourous these days. We have celebrated prisoners like A Raja, the five execs from Unitech, DB Realty and Reliance ADAG group and to be followed by Kanimozhi and her mother shortly..

This is a great embarrassment for Karunanidhi, who was very dumb not to realise that every day is not a sunday and a day will come when one has many reverses. If karunanidhi thought that he could use his political strength to arm twist the congress govt at the centre to giving his party the glamourous and rich telecom protfolio, little did Dr Manmohan Singh realise that it was for making money through corrupt means. DMK's plans to use power for their advantage has hit them on the face.

The servant Karunanidhi is also complicit in this corrupt dealings and he also should be chargesheeted and sent to jail. He has proved himself ineligible to the post of servant of the people !

Because in a democracy if a silly politician encourages corruption, then he shall be held responsible for his actions. The people will decide the quantum of punishment which will be given to the servant.

This a lesson to all politicians, smart or dumb, you are our servant, please do not try to act smart .. You will be held responsible for your good and bad actions.

Tihar jail is for people like Karunanidhi, how senior and corrupt politician he is !! You also have great company with terrorists, druglords, rapists and other famed politicians..

It is a heartening news to read when corrupt people are arrested and punished through the due process of law.


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  1. what i do not understand is why the shareholder with 60% shares in not named in the chargesheet, while a minority shareholder with 20% shares, kanimozhi is named in the chargesheet.
    Is Dayalu Ammal with 60% shares in Kalaignar TV batting for somebody else, probably her sons , who are silent parters to the crime ?
    Poor Karunanidhi at age 87 has a lot to explain to the people of Tamil nadu and the people of India.


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