Friday, April 29, 2011

Please Ban Endosulfan - Song by Sisters TE

Like every other Keralite, in India, who knows the evil side of Endosulfan, Sisters TE also hope and pray that Endosulfan would be banned today, than tomorrow.  'Sisters TE' are twin sisters Rachel TE and Rebecca TE, 16 years old, with their debut song, "Please Ban Endosulfan".

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Karunanidhi is furious ... but why ??

Yes, this piece of information made interesting reading this morning in the newspapers. What will happen if Karunanidhi and his party is upset and furious that Kanimozhi has been chargesheeted ? Some people have such bloated egos that they think nobody can do anything to them or their families ..

Does being Karunanidhi's daughter give her any immunity from prosecution for illegally diverting Rs 200 crores to Kalaignar TV as kickbacks received from the 2G scam ? Influential people can indulge in corruption freely ? Is Karunanidhi such a great patriot of the country that he is above suspicion and questioning by the public ? Other than being a script writer and politician, what is his credentials to being the CM ? Or does Karunanidhi think that being a veteran, regional politician and the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, having amassed enough ill-gotten wealth and children been made his political heirs, he is above law and does not care for the common Indian citizen.

Karunanidhiji, you are badly mistaken .. You are only our servant, not more not less, even the common citizen in TN has all the right to question you and your family members for all good and bad actions for which you are responsible, the same people who you have treating shabbily all these years ..

Gone are the days when you and your senseless cronies could bulldoze their way through .. You and your sons may have raped the state and amassed enough wealth for twenty generations. The public do not care, we only want to tell you that you will be held responsible for all your actions, good or bad. Be prepared to face the consequences !!

The political power which you wield is come out of the goodwill shown by the public to you. Please do not misunderstand it in any other way .. However old and senior you may be, you still continue to be our servant and we expect you to be at our command .. Unless you behave as a servant to the public, you will be kicked and thrown into the dustbin of history.

Watch out sir, next it is your second wife who will face the law and then if the law finds that you are also involved surruptitiously in the 2G scam, you will also be a proud visitor to the countr'ys top jail, Tihar at Delhi .. ( btw, hope you have got special pardon by the President of the country to practice bigamy .)

The public posture of the party to challenge the chargesheet politically in court is just a stunt , having been caught with pants down, to save face with the sensible public..

With all regards,

A citizen of the country ..

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fake Godmen and their business empires !!

Saibaba at puttapurthi has a Rs 40,000 crores business empire to be run .. Innocent believer's money !!

SriSri Ravi Shankar on the other hand does not claim to be a Godman, runs the world's largest NGO, Art of Living and is respected the world over for his conflict resolution skills and yoga practices ..


Stunning silence from politicians, is it a belated understanding of their guilt ?

Politicians in India of all hues, colours, shades, shapes and sizes are a harried lot now, scrambling for cover from public eye.. They are stunningly silent these days. The CBI and the court is having a tough time arresting some of them, getting their bank details, the lists of corruption they have done over the past years and their wealth details.

Fools like the DMK are scheming to overthrow the government at the centre. It is only good news as the public will once again get the opportunity to teach these traitors of the country at Delhi a lesson and elect sincere and hardworking people as their representatives in Parliament and legislative bodies. What good is the present PM if under his nose the loot of CWG and 2G has happened ? when are we going to get back the $ 1.4 trillion of Indian money stashed away by Indians in Swiss Banks ? Almost 50% of money transactions in India happen thru the parallel economy, the black one. If white money generates a GDP of $ 1.1 trillion, imagine what will be our GDP if the black sector, of which our dear politicians are the greatest proponents, is also channelised in the right direction ?

The PM needs to be a bit more tough, he is too soft . He may be sincere, but not able and effective ..

The politicians and others who have already illegally amassed wealth, land, exercised nepotism by misusing their positions as servants of the people, will have to answer to the people and the investigative agencies of the government. The investigative agencies will unravel the corruption in different offices and depts of govt and take the guilty politicians, bureaucrats and industrialists to task. The process has already started and the public is waiting to see many more to silently march to Tihar Jail, the uptown jail in New delhi - a very respectable address with so many high profile VVIPs making it their transitory camp.

Long live democracy and the infinite power of people to elect their servants, not their masters !! The biggest and greatest democracy in the world will also show the world that it is the most vibrant one..

The Indian Jasmine revolution unleashed by the Internet and social networking will bring about a radical change in the way our democratic institutions function and will help fix responsibility on our politicians and bureaucrats, weed out the errant ones. In addition our elected representatives who are being shown their rightful place in society, at the feet of the public, will be made to behave properly ..


Digitally signed document..

Today for the first time, I digitally signed on the attendance lists given to me by the Computer science dept. The format is in open document spreadsheet (ods) format.

The problem with physical documents is that anybody can tamper with it, take photostat copies and overwrite something etc. But in a digitally signed document, the reader can only view it and if anyone tampers with the document, the signature is invalid.

The tender document for the 2G tendering by the Central govt if it had been signed digitally by the Minister or the bureaucrats, it would not have been possible to tamper with it as done by the minister to favour his people.

Hopefully the popularity of digital signatures will increase.


Monday, April 25, 2011

kalmadi arrested by CBI, Kanimozhi charged..

Finally it is indeed a good news to hear that the kingpin behind the CWG Games Baton scam Kalmadi is arrested.

The other good news was that Kanimozhi, daughter of DMK chief Karunanidhi and DMK MP  has been charged by CBI for complicity in 2G scam.

The Tihar central jail is getting more and more glamourous these days. We have celebrated prisoners like A Raja, the five execs from Unitech, DB Realty and Reliance ADAG group and to be followed by Kanimozhi and her mother shortly..

This is a great embarrassment for Karunanidhi, who was very dumb not to realise that every day is not a sunday and a day will come when one has many reverses. If karunanidhi thought that he could use his political strength to arm twist the congress govt at the centre to giving his party the glamourous and rich telecom protfolio, little did Dr Manmohan Singh realise that it was for making money through corrupt means. DMK's plans to use power for their advantage has hit them on the face.

The servant Karunanidhi is also complicit in this corrupt dealings and he also should be chargesheeted and sent to jail. He has proved himself ineligible to the post of servant of the people !

Because in a democracy if a silly politician encourages corruption, then he shall be held responsible for his actions. The people will decide the quantum of punishment which will be given to the servant.

This a lesson to all politicians, smart or dumb, you are our servant, please do not try to act smart .. You will be held responsible for your good and bad actions.

Tihar jail is for people like Karunanidhi, how senior and corrupt politician he is !! You also have great company with terrorists, druglords, rapists and other famed politicians..

It is a heartening news to read when corrupt people are arrested and punished through the due process of law.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Seminar on nuclear Energy 15 April 2011..

Chief Guest Mr. Saurabh Kumar IFS retd. and VP Dr Nilanjana Basu with student representatives who spoke on the occasion.


Data Visualisation Presentation..

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