Friday, March 04, 2011

Who is Hassan Ali ?

The greatest fraudster in Indian history, horse racer, scrap dealer from Pune, owes the IT dept Rs 50,000 crores as arrears. He is evading the officials. He has money stashed away $ 7 billion in Swiss bank accounts. The IT dept is over-active to chase small offenders while the big shark is let free.. His political connections and his services being used as a conduit by politicians to stash away their ill gotten wealth in swiss banks has given him that immunity. ED does not want to proceed against him.

Earlier central governments cutting across ideologies have not taken any action against this fraudster. In the interest of the country, we need to take a concerted action against black money and bring back unauthorised money stashed in swiss accounts.

The country's wealth should be for the use of the people of the country and not for thieves and evaders like Hassan Ali and politicians. At one end we have 30% of population who cannot afford even a square meal a day and at the other end there are people like Hassan who are drenched in money..

Confiscate all ill-gotten wealth and bring back all black money in Swiss banks to be used for the development of India. PM will be doing a great service to the country by this act. Else the people will catch him by the scruff of the collar and kick him out !

Action we need, action we demand !!


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