Wednesday, March 02, 2011

North Africa, Libya, Oman, Bahrain, Gulf states, kuwait, UAE, China in that order ..

Continuing my tirade against undesirable and unpopular monarchies and dictatorships facing the ire of the youth of the world.. ..

With US warships stated to enter mediterranean and NATO planning to place embargo of a no-flying zone over Libya to prevent Gadaffi and his family killing their own people , the end of the mad dog is very much in sight. Other mad dogs in Gulf and China will follow suit .. Very comforting thought indeed !!

I doubt whther china can overcome the crisis.. It will crumble finally, though now it is using force and censorship to silence opposition and unrest .. China cannot hide from the real needs of its people which is freedom of expression and speech.. Nobody can underesimate democracy and its power to unsettle dictators, regimes and wasteful ideologies ..

Monarchies in gulf may survive this crisis presently, not crumble in this round, but secular (or otherwise) dictatorships will crumble.. Democracy will finally reign !!

A good article in The Hindu hailing Arabs as democracy's newest pioneers ..  The evolution of this leaderless revolution with common aspirations of the people across geograhies and faiths is very unique !


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  1. With 6000 people already killed by the patriotic forces of Gaddafi, US interference is needed.



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