Friday, March 11, 2011

if Vimochana samaram was not there !!!

To better understand events in history it is always better to analyse the situation from the perspective that event had not happened. Analysing the consequences then would give a clear picture of the impact of the event actually in history. For example, if the second world war had not happened, would India and other countries of the world have become free, would the world have been as nuclearised as it is now, would the cold war have been there, would the digital revolution have been a reality etc .. etc..

At least 7 to 8 years before we were born around 1958-59, the Marxists under EMS were a "menace" in Kerala community ( for non marxists and communists), the first elected Marxist/communist government outside of Russia , even Russia did not have an elected one, as they do not believe in freedom of people :)  .. The EMS govt policies were resented by the progressive people of Kerala. To quell the unrest EMS and Krishna Iyer were ordering lathicharge and incarceration of thousands of people who were fighting for peaceful change in Kerala. The Marxists who are not used to any democracy could not approve of any protests, peaceful or otherwise

Starting with the education minister under EMS Prof Joseph Mundassery bringing up an Education Bill, a radical marxist theologian under whose leadership even rewriting of history books was carried out to brainwash young formative minds about the glory of Marxists and communists, the left was using all arrows in their quiver to dismember Kerala from the Union of India as an independent and separate left state.

Starting with Mannath Padmanabhan and NSS, leaders of Congress, SNDP, leaders of the Christian community, especially the Catholic church and Muslim community under Muslim League, about 50,000 volunteers decided on a peaceful march which would conclude / descend at Trivandrum on 9 August, 1959, zero day.

By 26 th July itself people had started descending on TVM. Popular discontent with the rule was at its peak that the communists had to choose between massacre and defeat. The Governor of the time, wrote to Nehru who was forced to use article 356 against the first elected communist govt in the world and dismissed it.

Even though there is much criticism by the Communists against the Christian community for spearheading it, this movement brought the real wind of freedom in Kerala.

If this liberation had not happened, would Kerala have been totally changed ? Would Kerala have separated out of India ?

Would EMS or Mundassery, if alive today, have approved of the dismemberment or Perestroika of USSR around the end of 80s and capitalist policies of Chinese government now ?                Video of the nonagenarian Justice Krishna Iyer, home minister at that time, on his view of he Vimochana Samaram accusing the Americans of spearheading it.. :) Baseless allegation and Inaccurate facts in the interview, only wild accusations from a supposedly brilliant lawyer, praising himself and his actions .. .. .. expressing his coloured view point.

This same nonagenarian former Justice of the Supreme Court of India, recently asked the pardon of the people of the country for aligning with the Marxists, on finding that the marxists never believed in peace and harmony, instead in the violent annihilation of political opponents, as has happened in the cases in Kerala over the past four decades. It also got repeated in the case of the brutal murder of former CPM firebrand leader T P Chandrasekharan and a deserter of CPM in 2012 in Onchiyam in Kannur, Kerala, in the hands of the illiterate and uneducated  state level leaders and followers of the party .. The same principles which the former home minister of EMS upheld for almost 94 years, was forced to confess in front of his party leaders and followers, much to their chagrin and shame, if only they have any !!

Being illiterate and uneducated is not a person's fault, it is the compulsion of the nurturing upbringing environment .. Indeed it is a bliss !!


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  1. Dear Dr. George Easaw,
    Thank you. It is indeed a different point of view than what I could read about Vimochana Samaram than that is all available in various internet sources which I feel are all biased. Thanks for this frank opinion. Kindly share with me if you have more detail narration or writings/articles on it.


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