Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Aljazeera video on Saudi uprising ..

In spite of the bribes paid by the rulers to the population, Saudi monarchy will fall .. What right has the saudi royal family got to control the oil reserves and rule over the people ? The world looks forward to this collapse eagerly.. Social networking is again the tool here..

Saudi Arabia mobilises thousands of troops, to try and quell rising dissent in the Kingdom. But even as King Abdullah announces billions of dollars in social reforms - is this going to be enough to stave off a revolution? And is the House of Saud really listening to the growing voices of discontent?


Bahrain is shivering .. At least UAE should be intact till cet86 get-to-gether is over ..  The UAE rulers like in other arab states have "drugged" their subjects into silence and inaction which will be very shortlived. 

Long live democracy ..!


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