Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another rat about to fall ..

The tank man in this iconic image from Tiananmen square , 1989 .. the image which shook the conscience of the world, but went no further ..

Closely following the heels of Egypt's big rat, Tunisia's small rat, here comes another medium rat .. arrogant and full of hatred for the world ...

It is so curious to know how Gadafi has found fault with Osama Bin Laden for this uprising and not the misdemeanours of his iron-fisted administration over the last fortytwo years.

Hope the other autocratic rats from the Arab world also beget the same fate as these unfortunate dictators .. Saudi is trying to appease its people with $31 billion gifts, Qatar and UAE rulers are meeting US diplomats .. Kuwait rulers are going all out to appease their people ..

The air of democracy is blowing with full force across the arab world much to the chagrin of the existing dictators and ruling families. Lot of currency is flowing out of the arab world to safe havens in western world and turned to dollars ..

China is busy smelling out and eliminating the perpetrators of the second Jasmine revolution .. China also will fall in the same uprising that is disturbing other despotic countries of the world. Can truth and the free aspirations of the people be pushed under the carpet for ever ??

Libya has seen just 1000 deaths through foreign mercenaries .. In Tiananmen square almost 800 people (official) and 3000 (unofficial) were killed from april to june 1989 ..

Wikipedia link of Tiananmen Square massacre ..

Indian Govt is getting a big shifting of people fromLibya to India by air and sea in place. The cost to the exchequer will be very high if the whole arab world goes on the boil .. Hope it happens staggered and peacefully without much internal disturbance and violence ..

Democracy comes at a price .. is it worth all this trouble and bloodshed, that is the question ..

It took the Internet and social networking sites a matter of just a couple of years to get public opinion against despots and dictators of the world. French and Russian revolution, Indian war for independence etc took hundreds of years to fructify ..


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