Saturday, January 22, 2011

Should political class be allowed to continue with corruption unhindered ?

The recent revelations of political corruption in the country with the accused going scotfree almost every time is a matter of concern ..

Karnataka in India is facing a peculiar situation in this cycle of corruption now in that the Government run by BJP does not want any interference from the Governor H R Bharadwaj, the representative of the President in exposing the misdeeds it is carrying out in the state from the day it took over power. It is using the very famous excuse of accusing the Governor to be a representative of the ruling party and the like in its futile efforts to absolve itself of guilt from wrongdoing.

The common man in the state is fed up with this double standard from the Chief Minister and his cronies who have been amassing money in crores in corrupt land deals and illegal mining by exporting iron ore mined from the Bellary hospet areas in the state.

The interest shown by the Lokayuktha Retd Justice Hegde to prevent this rape of the state left and right by the BJP politicians, and his endorsement of the sanction accorded to prosecute the CM on a complaint filed by two lawyers against the CM and which was sat on by the Governor for almost three weeks asking for original documents from the Chief Scretary, has caused a lot of embarrassment for the party.

"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" is indeed very apt in this context. Having tasted power, the poorly educated CM, has taken very personally the very thought of having to vacate the seat of power. The Central leadership of the party having failed once in its attempots to force him to vacate the CM's chair, is in a dilemma how to contain this menace for some more time .. His threat that any attempt to dislodge him can antagonise the Lingayat community in the state and potential loss of political power in the state has caused the central leadership to compromise on political values. For the party it is a situation where, "Kaichittu irakkaanum vayyaa, madhurichittu thuppaanum vayyaa .."

The politicans of the country as a group have been taking many things for granted, irrespective of part and ideology affiliations, of which the right to be excluded from any prosecution on corruption charges has been a pinprick for the executive and the judiciary.

As a common citizen interested in the growth and development of the state, this assumption of a "SemiGod" status by the political class and hurling of abuses on the executive, does not bode well for the state, its citizens and the country as a whole. If only the politicians had a little more sense, civility and education !


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