Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rs. 70,000,000,000,000 illegal money stashed away in Swiss Bank accounts ..

The Congress Party's reaction that the money stashed away is just money on which tax has not been paid and measures are on to recover tax for that money from the owners ( in this case of the 18 Indian accounts holding Rs 44 crores in the German bank of Leichstenstein with tax arrears of 25 crores) will not hold well with the citizens of the country.

The true fact is that the money is illegal money, plundered from the national treasury, the poor man's money, which is stolen by the so called respectable citizens of the country. They should be treated like criminals and handed the most exemplary punishment possible so that they do not resort to such gimmicks again in future, even if it includes respectable politicians, dead or living of the ruling or opposition parties, bureaucrats and industrialists ..

National wealth stashed away by influential and corrupt Indians in accounts abroad amount to roughly Rs. 20 lakh crores to 70 lakh crores ( a lakh is a hundred thousands and a crore is a hundred lakhs) ie. Rs. 70,000,000,000,000, 7 followed by thirteen zeros !!!!!!!!!! It could well pay off our national debt and pay for all infrastructural projects of the country for the coming many years ..

Political parties are indeed raking up the issue which is good for the country and the economy. Dr  Manmohan Singh will be doing the country great service through his transparency moves, which no other goverment has done before, by exposing the corrupt who have stashed away their ill-gotten wealth abroad. Even the present opposition while in power, never pursued the matter of tracking out the corrupt and their ill-wealth, with all the seriousness and sincerity it deserves.


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